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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hard Training Before Xmas Splurge

As my running on the road has been so awful lately (no problems on the treadmill)yesterday I decided to just do a 3.5km road run this morning to try and get my time down a little. My legs were a bit tired, but not too bad, but my time was still really slow!! I think the main problem is that when I've turned around and am on my way back I try and do intervals of running a bit faster, but the bits in between I really drop off my speed way below my usual average speed, so I might be better off trying to keep a fixed pace - hmmmm, dunno, need to try and get some advice on this. I think over the Xmas break I need to have a look on the net and see if I can get some tips on improving this. I was very fed up after the run and just about ready to pack it all in, it is so frustrating when you feel like you're busting a gut and then get back and find you've actually been running really slowly.
Had a good swim in the afternoon though which cheered me up, even though I did keep having to move kids out of the swimming lane. Honestly there's a whole huge pool and one tiny swimming lane and they still have to go and play in that. Bah humbug!
This morning was treadmill running with speed intervals again - blimey that came around quickly! Got through it ok, went bright red, as usual, and took about 2 hours to completely cool down, but always feel virtuous at having done it.
Tomorrow I'll have the day off (good job as I'm going out for a pre-xmas breakfast and then plan to finish my shopping) so that on Friday I can have another full runthrough. Didn't want to leave it until Saturday as there will be so much going on it's quite likely I wouldn't do it. If I am feeling ok and up to it on Saturday I'll do a cycle first thing and then it will be a couple of days off to eat, drink and watch dvd's instead of training.


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