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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back on the Blog

Ok here I am, as promised, back onto it with a daily update!

As I mentioned yesterday I found out a few weeks ago that the duathlon had been postponed, and now have the new date which is the first weekend in April. Still I haven't let that put me off my training and have been managing some reasonable times - mainly because my cycling speed has improved, and have managed to knock a few seconds off the 3.5km run too - it's still much slower than I would like, but....... maybe it will get better!

I've made a couple of changes which are making a real difference with my training though. I contacted a nutritionist to ask about the fatigue and slow recovery time and got some really useful info. back. The main point for me was that as a non-meat eater, given the amount of training I do I should be taking iron supplements. This has proved to have a really positive effect as I am no longer as tired as I was and my recovery is much better too, so I'm glad I took the time to ask the question. I got in contact via a question forum on a webpage. so anyone else needing some advice, I strongly recommend visiting http://www.bodysculpt.co.nz and then click on the Nutrition link - don't be put off by the pictures if you're not into bodybuilding - I'm certainly not!

The other change to my training regime is to do less cardio (a very radical decision for me) and put in 3 weights sessions a week instead. Since I lost a lot of weight several years ago (30kgs if you're interested) by running 30-40 mins a day on a treadmill I've been really reluctant to give up the cardio. But it's really working out well for me, not only is the increased strength helping my cycling, but also the increase in muscle is helping my metabolism and I'm finally dropping the weight I put on over Xmas - so I'm very happy with the change. The only problem I've had is when I did a leg weights session on a Friday and then did a dummy run of the duathlon on the following Sunday - my muscles hadn't had time to recover and were too tired to perform properly. So I've learnt my lesson and now do leg weights at the start of the week.

Amazingly I do have a life outside of training, but as I started this blog as a way to record my progress that's pretty much all I talk about! Anyway yesterday I spent 2 and a half hours shifting hay bales - no not for the fun of it or as some new crazy form of training, I live on a lifestyle block and we finally got our hay paddock baled yesterday - with the threat of imminent rain it was all hands to the deck to get it into the hay barn - which we did successfully and I was very smug lying in bed last night listening to the rain (albeit a little sore).


Blogger Karina said...

Anyone who does marathons, duathlon, any kind of thons...gets all sorts of respect from me. I am SOO not a physical exertion type of person, but very much admire those that are!

Good luck on your training! Oh, and Wendy sent me (sort of, I saw you got skipped, so I came to visit).

10:41 AM  
Blogger Jelloette said...

Bah you amaze me! Don't bag your times! To you they seem slow - to me they seem like a miracle!! I can't even be buggered getting on our x-trainer *looks at flabby belly* maybe i should... I'll probably only last about 10 minutes before i fall off sideways though! Keep it up! Your fabulous and im sure you are gonna do brilliantly with your duathalon! :D PS: I've been practising my scrabble, but i'm pretty sure i'm still not good enough to beat you!! xx

1:31 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

I looked at that link. It made my eyes bleed, so I left.

9:28 AM  

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