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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hockey, Hockey and more Hockey

This weekend was the Master's games hockey tournament. We had one game on Friday, 2 on Saturday and one on Sunday - it made a nice change to be doing something different excercise-wise, but boy was I sore on Sunday morning, a couple of bits in my back and shoulders obviously are not getting worked with any of the other training sessions I'm doing!
Friday's game was pretty hard with tough opposition, we had more of the play but couldn't capitalise and score, so finished 0-0. The two games on Saturday were easier, particularly the second one (which was lucky as we were all starting to flag a bit by then) and we won both reasonably easily. Sunday was the final and we had to face the Friday night team again. It was, as expected, a hard game, but we were able to score some goals this time at least. We went 1-0 before half time, and then scored another at the start of the second half. Then the other team got one back making it 2-1 with about 12 minutes left to play. It was pretty tense as they were all out trying to attack to get another goal, but thankfully with about 5 mins left we put in another and so won the game 3-1. A nice gold medal to add to the collection :-)
Had a well-deserved lie-in this morning, tired out from so much hockey and also dogs barking at a possum half the night! So I think a gentle swim at lunch time should get me moving again (time to christen the new swimming costume at last I think!!) and then a fairly easy weights session this evening. Back to more serious work-outs tomorrow.


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