Duathlon Training

Thursday, February 16, 2006


So this morning I developed a squeak - let me rephrase that a little, my bicycle developed a squeak (although it could just have easily been me!), it wasn't constant but enough to be distracting, guess I'll have to take a look sometime and see what it is. The bike is not due for a service until June but I'll take it in for a quick tune up if I need to before the duathlon.
The colder mornings meant I needed to put a jacket on for my cycle this morning, I've just bought a shower-proof training jacket which is breathable so I put that on, but then I found the flapping of the air panel at the back a little offputting too as it sounded like I had a puncture - obviously it was a morning for offputting sound effects! It wasn't the world's greatest cycle either timewise, but was ok, and I followed it up with a 1.5 km run and got a new fastest time for that so all was well in the end.
One of the problems of training first thing is that I have to train empty - otherwise I'd have to get up at least another hour earlier in order to eat and digest before training. This is a good thing for weightloss as training empty means you burn fat as there's nothing stored, but it's really lousy for getting good results - I think that's one of the reasons I had such a good runthrough on Sunday as I had a banana first thing (no digestion time required).
Another slightly interesting thing this morning was that I had sore butt muscles. Now usually when I do my weights on a Wednesday I do lunges or squats so I'd expect to feel in on Thursday, but yesterday because I was doing my weights in the front room instead of the garden (another effect of the autumnul mornings) I didn't. When I was in bed last night I suddenly remembered that I hadn't done any lunges/squats, and in fear of losing my ashlee simpson butt (ha ha ha , ok I haven't seen the Dukes of Hazzard but I have checked out as's butt) did 3 sets of buttock clenches while I was lying in bed watching the winter olympics (obsessed, me???) - but it was really kind of a half-hearted attempt (or should that be half-assed attempt, lol) and I didn't expect it to have any effect. So today's lesson is, even if you're stuck at your desk all day and don't have time to work out, a little buttock clenching is a good thing. :-)


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