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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slacking Off

Well as I predicted, the long weekend brought on a state of lethargy and aversion to running, so I never quite did get out on that half-brick (run-cycle) I had planned. I did do a weights session on Saturday so I wasn't a total lazy-ass! It was such a hot day we headed over to bro-in-laws to enjoy their pool, actually we went to return the trailer we'd borrowed to collect the hay but it was a good excuse! We spent about half an hour fooling around with a beach ball playing a bizarre version of volleyball which involved using various small children as implements to intercept the ball at various times - I'm not sure if this counts as exercise or not?
Sunday we headed over to the beach to enjoy some sun and relaxation - if you can call trying to control two over-excited west highland terriers on the beach relaxing :-) They, and we, had a very pleasant time though, a half hour stroll along the edge of the sea - which was surprisingly warm, and then some lazing around on the sand dunes with the occasional dip to cool off (that was us, not the dogs - they were on high alert lest they miss a single person who dared to walk past us and forgot to bark at them!).
The plan was that yesterday, holiday Monday, we would get up early so I could do my run and cycle. The alarm went off and I lay in bed listening to the rain, persuading myself that I couldn't possibly get up and go out while it was raining (did I think I would dissolve?). Needless to say it didn't happen. Of course I wasn't avoiding it, just postponing it until later in the day ...... but it never quite happened. Ah well it's not like I haven't been working hard lately at my training so I don't think one weekend off will kill me.

Cycled into uni today, legs tired again from the weights on Saturday so sloooow, but I did do a 3km run on the treadmill after I arrived so feel like I'm back on track again. A swim at lunchtime today and I will be ready to go for the rest of the week.

If you see someone struggling up a flight of stairs today, be nice to them, maybe they've been working out and have reached the end of their oooomph. ;-)


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