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Friday, February 10, 2006

Seven Weeks to Go

Which seems like a long time, but if it goes as fast as the past couple of weeks have then it will fly by. Mind you I'm so busy at the moment no wonder the time is flying (or is it just that I'm getting old ....)
It was nice to have a guilt-free lie-in this morning - nothing to do but a weights session which I have planned for this evening. Then a day off tomorrow before a full run through again on Sunday morning, it will be interesting to see what my times are like having had a break from both full run though and cycle/run combo. In fact I've hardly done any road running for a couple of weeks apart from my brief soujourn round the lake on Weds. night. I can see it will take more than a little willpower to make myself get up on Sunday to do it.
Master's games start tomorrow so I have four games of hockey to look forward to at the end of next week which will make a nice change from just running and cycling, a bit more sociable at least!


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