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Thursday, February 09, 2006

How Far is it Really?

Went off to do a bit of hockey training last night in prep. for the master's games next week. After an afternoon of heavy rain it turned out to be a really nice evening so I got there early so I could have a run round the lake first. I've not done the run before but had heard it was a pleasant run - a mixture of paths and boardwalks right around the border of the lake. The only question was, how far is it? I had tried all sorts of means to find out - you would think the Hamilton city council website would tell you... but no. Anyway there was a Santa fun run around the lake before xmas which claimed it was 4.5km - but this seemed a little further than I thought and from what others who have done the run tell me, so really I had no clue. In the end I reckon it must have been less than 3.5km, as including the run from the hockey turf across to the lake, then round the lake, then back to the hockey turf, was only 23 minutes (at least 3 of those would have been from turf->lake and back) and I was really taking it easy on the run - so who knows?
However far it is the bonus result of running last night meant that I didn't have to run this morning, so just did a 10km training cycle which my tired little legs (weights yesterday followed by the run and half an hour of hockey) managed in a sad time of 24 mins 17.
I actually feel like doing nothing else today, but if I don't swim today then I won't get another chance until next week as the schools have a mass booking of the pool tomorrow and I don't fancy sharing with 150 13 year old school boys! Will see how I feel at lunch time I guess.
On the subject of swimming, the other day my office-mate, who for the sake of anonymity I will refer to only as Dozza, and I were discussing issues of bouyancy etc. when swimming and I commented that when I weighed more I had better bouyancy (fat obviously helps us float!) - which made us wonder why women weren't faster swimmers than men having generally more body fat - factoring in the muscle and strength issue Dozza concluded that the best swimmers therefore should be fat men .... hmmm I think there is a flaw in our logic somewhere - but keep an eye out on the commonwealth games for those porky swimmers, you never know! Seriously though anyone who has some real knowledge on this issue feel free to add a comment - or even if you have no idea but are really opionated feel free too.


Blogger nancytoby said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Actually somewhat heavier female swimmers were some of the first to swim across the English Channel - helps with the cold, too, probably. :-)

10:05 AM  
Blogger Evadne Hatte said...

Sounds plausible - mind you didn't they used to plaster themselves with lard as well to keep out the cold??

10:15 AM  
Blogger Jelloette said...

Man if all you have to do is cover yourself with lard to stay warm, i should be toasty all the time :p

10:18 AM  

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