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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Before I do a weights session I usually do 10 mins of cardio just to get everything moving and a bit warmed up. As I was doing weights at home today I started with 10 mins of skipping. Now skipping is something I really find difficult - I can manage the two footed jump and get up a reasonable speed, but the whole one-legged (changing or hopping style) employed by boxers is a complete mystery to me - I've tried a sort of jogging style so I'm kind of running on the spot while I skip but it doesn't really work for more than a few rotations. So anyone who knows something about this please drop me a line with helpful suggestions!
On the subject of warming up before doing weights, I have of course realised why my weights session on Monday was so hard, because I just went straitht into it without any warm up - duh! So it pays not to try and save time by cutting corners!!
Today's weights were aided and abetted by the dogs who absolutely love it when I get out the swiss ball and the weights, they consider it to be some sort of puppy-obstacle course and immediately start chewing on each other and hooning about. Their absolute favourite is if I get on the floor to do something and then they can climb all over me too - talk about adding extra resistance, I guess it's little wonder that my previous swiss ball sprung a leak !
Hopeful of getting out for a swim at lunch time today although it will have to be a fairly rapid one as I have a conf. session starting just after lunch.


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