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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cycling in the Fog

Today was the first time I've cycled in when there has been a morning fog. The fog is yet another sign of the impending end of summer, but it's also such a typical feature of the area we live in that I find it comfortably familiar and it reminds me of when I first arrived in NZ nearly 7 years ago.
Anyway the cycle in was, because of the fog, very wet! It kept dripping off my cycle helmet and my handlebars were wet and slippery, as were my pedals which caused my feet to slip off several times. My recently acquired shower proof jacket did an admirable job however and I stayed dry, also because of my luminous vest and backpack I didn't have the annoying flapping problem mentioned previously. Of course when I left home I forgot to turn on my rear light so had to stop at the end of the road at the crossroads to turn it on, then when I set off again the rev. counter on my cycle computer wasn't working as I must have somehow moved the sensor on the pedal, so I had to get off again to reposition that!
After all that it was a slow hard cycle this morning - I did my weights session at home last night (outside in the hot sun) and tried out that squat/lunge move with a weights bar across the shoulders that I'd seen the woman with the great leg muscle definition doing at the gym (see previous blog entries for more info on this!). Anyway I'm not convinced I was doing it right, but it definately was working my quads (but maybe not my butt?), I'll have to check it out again on Weds when I do a gym weights session if she's there again.
After I arrived at the gym this morning I changed into some dry changing gear and had a gentle run on the treadmill for 25 mins just to stretch everything out after the cycle and any residual stiff bits from the weekend's hockey excesses. Actually nothing feels too bad, the only sore bits I have at the moment are my left shoulder, which was something I did last night with weights (not sure what but it's just a minor sore bit nothing serious) and my tendonitis has flared up in my right wrist again which is real pain as I'm pretty busy this week with stuff that involves a lot of typing and it's damn uncomfortable with my wrist splint on.


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