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Friday, February 24, 2006

Gaaah! That Darn Wind Again!!

I had put off my cycle/run until the evening yesterday for two reasons, firstly I had lots to do at Uni and wanted to get in early to get stuff done first thing, secondly (and more importantly) the weather forecast was for wind and rain first thing clearing later. Hmmph, in fact the morning was fine, there was an attempt at a shower at lunchtime, and by the evening it was hot and sunny with strong winds - my absolute pet hate when it comes to cycling. I so nearly didn't go out, but determination prevailed..... It was a fantastically hideous diagonal wind, so on the way out I was cycling into what felt like a head wind whilst at the same time struggling to stay on the road as I was getting blown off onto the gravel/grass at the side, coming back I certainly didn't feel like I was getting the benefit of having the wind behind me (mind you my poor little legs were suffering by then!) and I was getting blown onto the road - not great with all those milk tankers about. Of course this is all just a long-winded whingy way of saying that my time was rubbish! I wasn't expecting much better from the run afterwards but in fact that was ok - although when I first started I had a tight calf muscle which I was a bit worried about (do not need an injury now) but it loosened off and was probably just caused by the transition from cycling to running.
I didn't get to swim yesterday due to schools using the pool (!), and probably won't today as I'm planning on a full run through tomorrow rather than Sunday (when we have a hockey muster) so will just do some upperbody weights and abs this evening (much to the delight of the dogs I'm sure!)


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