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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pumping Iron

Back in the gym this morning for a weights session. No sign of the leg woman (as she will henceforth be known!) so will have to save that for another day. Remembered to warm up beforehand this time (10 mins on crosstrainer) so felt a bit more ready for it once I got started. Pretty uneventful session all in all. No swimming today, but I have been for the past two days (1km on Monday and 700m yesterday). The schools are back now so they are using the pool too but it hasn't been too much of a problem yet as there is still the seperate swimmer's lane so I haven't found it disruptive at all. Seem to be getting the hang of the body rotation for my freestyle, I'm still over-exaggerating it at the moment to try and get used to it so it comes naturally, we'll see if that works. Still have the problem of not using my legs enough, too much multi-tasking I guess - can't think about arms, legs, rotation, breathing, head down etc etc all at the same time ! (Damn, imagine being too dumb to swim!).
Will need a long walk with the doggies this evening as I've been cooped over my desk all day and had a stressful afternoon trying to get simple technology to work. Mentioned to Dozza that I would have been better off in the stone-age as then I wouldn't have had fax machines and scanners to fight with, she pointed out that I also wouldn't have had contact lenses so in survival-of-the-fittest type world probably wouldn't have lasted long.
Look out for that mammoth!
On a completely unrelated note (I know this blog is supposed to be just a training record but I feel I can vent occasionally!), a strange thing has happened since Dozza moved in to the office. Whenever anyone comes in (and by anyone I mean men) they feel obliged to make some comment about the fact that there are two women sharing an office (so far the room has been dubbed the girl's room, women's room, women's space...etc etc, you get the idea). Now to my knowledge two men sharing a room doesn't seem to elicit the same effect (i.e. no one refers to such rooms as 'man space' or the little boy's room (my personal favourite)) - what an odd place this is sometimes.
Ho hum.


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