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Monday, February 27, 2006

Cool Running

Another full run through on Saturday (yikes, can there really be only 2 more of these in my schedule before the real thing!) yielded positive results for the running at least. Another 10 seconds of my 3.5km time, not only was this a good thing generally, but I was running by myself so had to control the pace totally - something I always find really hard to do. I really need to run in the other direction next time I do this so that I can check my pace on an unfamiliar route (as I'll have to do that on the actual duathlon). My cycle was, oddly, really slow - in fact it was exactly the same time as the nightmare windy ride I'd done on Thursday. There are a couple of possibilities here - firstly the windy ride could have left me more tired than I felt and combined with the faster run maybe I was just slower. Another possibility is that I stuffed up with the timing somehow - it does seem odd that the time was Exactly the same down to a 10th of a second ....! Whatever, I'm not worried about this as I know I can cycle faster. The last run was ok, not a fab time but fast enough to keep my overall time below 54 minutes.
Yesterday I had hockey trials - this actually didn't involve me doing much as there was only a small group of non-premier players who turned up, so we just did a few drills and then played a 5 aside game for a bit.
Afterwards I realised my back was completely stuffed. It's my lower back again, the same place I was getting all the problems with earlier on in my training. I'm not sure if it's cycle related this time though, I was mowing the grass at the edge of the drive on Saturday and it was soooo long that it was a real mission, so I think it's highly likely that I've strained something doing that. Anyway after a really poor night's sleep as I just could not get comfortable with my back but couldn't be bothered getting up and taking some pills I was in no mood to get up and do weights this morning! I'll see how it is this afternoon (and hopefully a swim at lunch time may help) and then tailor a weights session at home this evening to whatever doesn't hurt!


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