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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dodgy Rev Class and Half-Arsed Weights

Went back to another rev. class last night - but it wasn't a patch on the lunch time one I'd done. That's the trouble with not doing the classes regularly you don't know who the instructors are and whether or not they are any good or not. I also had real trouble hearing what she was saying - I don't think it was my ears this time (which are a lot better but still not 100% even though I've now finished the antibiotics) but she was muttering away and her microphone was pretty crap, mind you most of the time she wasn't saying anything important anyway ... ;-)
So after all that I felt like I'd worked out, but not really worked out hard, sigh. This morning I did some weights at home, I went out for a walk with the dogs as my warm up but it was absolutely freezing out so didn't get very warm! Did get up a good pace though as it was too cold to dawdle - even the dogs weren't dragging their heels! Anyway the weights were ok, but I totally forgot one exercise and didn't realise until I'd put everything away - doh!
Well I guess I can always do some more when I get home if I feel like I've shortchanged my workout too much. Mind you I have a full run-though in the morning so saving some energy wouldn't be a bad thing. Hope it's a bit warmer than this morning - and let's all keep our fingers crossed for no wind!


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