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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spinning Wheels

Went to a rev. class today. This was supposed to be replacing swimming but in fact I didn't get to the gym this morning (waiting in for non-existent tradesperson) so it ended up being my cardio for the day - not that it's a poor substitute! It's Ages since I did one of these classes, but I did foolishly assume that because I've been doing lots of 'real' cycling (especially in that resistance building wind!) I wouldn't find it too hard. HA! It was as evil as I remembered and the sweat poured off me and I felt exhausted - fantastic, just what a rev. class should be. Actually I didn't have a face like a tomato afterwards, which is unusual, but I think this was just because it wasn't a particularly hot day outside rather than any indication of some super fitness on my part! Anyway it has to be good for my cycling so I will try and get along to another one this week maybe (although the only lunchtime one I could get to is tomorrow and I think that may be a little too soon! So will have to see if I'm motivated enough to get up for a 6am class on Friday (seems unlikely!) or could feed the dogs early on Thurs and go for the evening class).
As I did lots of butt exercises yesterday during my weights session (lunges with added weights) the class today will have just about finished them off - so I guess I'll be standing up a lot this evening and tomorrow!


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