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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Feeling of Deja Vu

So, remember last Thursday when I put off my cycle/run until the evening and then got lumbered with high winds ..... well it happened again! Yesterday morning I was all ready to get up and out but the MightyP informed me that it was very windy out there, so I stayed put and decided to put it off until the evening. When I left for work I though, hmm, it isn't that windy actually, but never mind, the weather pattern all week has been a bit iffy in the morning and then much better in the afternoon. Well when I got home it was blowing an absolute storm- probably the worst it's been, and there was that cycle/run looming..... I so nearly just didn't bother, but once again reminded myself that if there's crap weather on the day I'll still have to go ahead - so out I went. I decided pretty early on that I wasn't even going to bother with the time for the cycle, just treat it as some sort of extra resistance training, honestly it really was that bad! The run by comparison was a breeze (ha ha pardon the pun), but I was completely stuffed afterwards.
Of course the added complication of the wind was the effect on my dodgy ears, I was worried it would make them worse, but in fact they've been so bad this week the wind had no effect! Anyway I finally took myself off to the doctor this morning who had a look and told me my eardrums were retracted due to pressure build up in my eustacian tubes - basically it's an infection (like sinusitus) in the tubes which is what's making me feel like my ears are blocked and the retracted ear drums are what's making my hearing so crap! As I've been taking decongestants to no avail and it's been going for a week the doc. prescribed antibiotics (yeuch - can' t remember the last time I had to take them, I normally refuse! so better dose up on yoghurt) and said I should start noticing the difference in a couple of days when they begin to drain -- mmm that sounds nice!
Day off training today - no swimming for me until at least end of next week, so I think I will take a couple of rev classes (that's spinning for those outside of NZ) next week during lunchtimes instead as that should be good for my cycling stamina and general fitness on top of my other training.


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