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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Legs and Arms

Having missed my run yesterday (not that I was slacking off, a rev. class is definately not an easy option!) I decided to do a 20 min fast run on the treadmill as a warm up for my weights session this morning. This meant I had slightly less time for the weights, but having done a long session on Monday I guess it all balances out ok in the end! One day I'll actually get a proper training schedule worked out rather than just making it up as I go along!
I was surprisingly not too stiff after the rev class, and the run was fine, although it did mean I was a lot hotter and sweatier than usual when I did my weights which was not that pleasant (now there's a lovely image for you to carry round in your heads for the rest of the day!).
The poor doggies didn't get a walk yesterday morning - I know I know I'm just too slack sometimes! But I did make up for it with a long walk in the evening. I also managed to get the edger out and finally strim all the edges of the garden which had got ridiculously overgrown. The strimmer is on its last legs so just getting the damn thing started is a workout by itself, never mind carrying it around and using it for half an hour!
This morning I had to take the dogs to the groomer (yes, they did get a walk first!) so I'm planning on going to a rev. class this evening - I guess it will be a lot busier than at lunch time, but hopefully I will get in ok as long as I arrive early enough.


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