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Monday, March 06, 2006

Run Run Run

Yesterday I really felt like doing a long road run, something I haven't done for ages. It was a good day for it, dry but not too hot (not hot at all really!) so I decided to just go out for an hour and see how far I got. I took it very very slowly, and so ended up doing just about 9km which is less than I used to do in a hour, but I felt good, nothing hurt and I really enjoyed it - most unusual as when I was training for the 12km round the bridges run last year I absolutely hated the long weekly run most times! It just goes to show that a change to the routine is as good as a rest!
This morning I did a really good long weights session (making up for the fact that my weights session on Sat. was pretty half arsed!) with lots of abs at the end too. I got up earlier than normal (the mighty P is away so I had to get up in time to sort the dogs out etc.) so consequently had more time at the gym and didn't have to rush which was a nice change. I finally got round to buying some more headphones for the gym for my iPod as my last pair were now only playing through one ear. I opted for a different type which looked like they would be really good - the sound quality is definately better but I'm not sure I like the design - the volume adjuster on the cable is quite big and clunky and the cable has a curled section - which is good for avoiding long dangly cables but I think may turn out to be a pain - hmm, time will tell.


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