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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MIssing the Water

Having had a busy time of it (deadlines on Monday and half a day off yesterday for the MySky man) I haven't been able to get to the pool this week. I really could do with a swim - so hopefully will get there tomorrow and Friday - as long as they don't close it for school stuff again!
This morning was back to the gym for weights. My back has improved a lot, although still not 100% (was rubbish yesterday evening until I took some anti-inflams.) and I could do all of the machines I wanted to apart from the hamstring curls which put too much pressure on my lower back (maybe I'd have been ok if I'd lowered the weight..?). For a warm up I did 10 mins on the cross trainer, but all the new ones were being used or broken (start of term - uch all those eager people signing up to the gym and crowding the place out, at least most of them will have given up again in about a month and it will get quieter again). Anyway I used one of the old cross-trainers which have a very different motion from the new ones - much more up and down - as a result I was getting motion sickness by the time I finished! I think this wasn't just the motion on the machine (as I have used them in the past with no problems) but the ongoing saga of my blocked ears. The ears are still not right, I will have to get Mil to take a look at them at the weekend with her special ear examiner - I thought it was just cataarh as I've been quite blocked up generally, but it doesn't seem to be going away!
The other really annoying thing at the gym this morning was that all of the clocks were telling different times, and as I didn't have my watch on I had no idea which was right! After I finished in the weights room I went into the changing room and it was 15 mins earlier... so I wasn't sure if I'd finished early or not. I had a hair appt. at 9 so thought I had time to go and get a coffee beforehand, but once I was changed and had my mobile back on in fact it was 10 to 9 ! Honestly it's such a pain, the other thing that's really annoying about the gym is that it takes them forever to fix anything (like 4 weeks for a hairdrier, over a month to replace a clock battery...etc) - their workout equipment ALWAYS takes forever too as they seem to require parts from overseas whatever the problem is - guess that must be why it's the cheapest gym in town ! :-)


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