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Monday, March 20, 2006

Fitting it all in

Friday turned into an unexpected day off as both the MightyP and I slept through the alarm in the morning and had a bonus lie in, so no time for the gym, and Friday evening is never a good time to train as by then I'm totally into end of the week mode and ready for a beer :-)
I made up for it on Saturday with a 10km cycle ride, which I managed to do in a new record time. This was a great relief as my cycling has been getting worse and worse lately so it was good to see that a rest day was enough for me to actually see some improvement from the rev. classes and leg weights. It was a hard cycle but I didn't feel like I was going totally all out, so there is still some room for improvement on the big day which is also good to know. When I got back I did some weights while watching the commonwealth games on the tv - good for inspiration! Well, it was until synchronised swimming came on ... omg I mean really what is the world coming to when this is considered a sport! I'm sure it's very hard work and requires lots of training but they may as well have ballroom dancing included, imho it's just daft !
Anyway, back to more important things, like my training and the fact that there are now only 2 weeks to go before 'd' day (gulp). Sunday we had hockey training as the winter season begins next weekend (terrible timing, it's earlier this year, I was hoping it wouldn't be until the weekend after the duathlon). It looks like I'll have a couple of games this weekend (we're still sorting teams out so lots of doubling up and filling in while we get everyone properly graded) and then I have to decide whether or not to play on the Saturday before the duathlon - I was going to take at least 3 days off any training beforehand but not sure now.
This morning I did a 20 minute treadmill run before my Monday weights session which now seems to have morphed into the 'big' weights session for the week. That is not to say that I lift bigger weights, but I do about 45 mins and cover lots of different stations and then do an abs session later in the day as well.
I'm thinking about doing a short cycle when I get home this evening - just want to get some practice at keeping the speed up .... hmm, I guess it depends on what time I get home and whether I can still be bothered when I do :-)


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