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Thursday, March 16, 2006

More revs

Had a fairly good weights session at home last night, although as usual the dogs took this as their cue to incorporate me, the swiss ball and the weights into their circuit of madness!
Another rev class at lunch time today - omg I was expecting the guy who took Tues lunch's class (which was tough enough) - but it turned out to be Clare taking the class - I used to go to her rev. classes last year and they are positively evil! So there I was, no hat again, a cotton t-shirt (all my dri-tech stuff is in the wash) and the killer madwoman driving me into a heap of sweat. Euuuuch is all I can say! Consequently I barely made it back up the hill to my desk afterwards and am now in a heap in front of my computer, that will teach me for getting all enthusiastic and going to two rev. classes in a week (it was so much easier last week.... oh hang on a mo. didn't I moan about that though ...!).
But it's nearly the end of another week which means there must be a rest day coming up - yay, it also means that soon there will only be 2 weeks to go till D day - omg what will I do with myself once it's all over? At the moment it's a toss up between sitting on the sofa eating pies or lying on the sofa drinking wine .... hmmm decisions decisions.


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