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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Still Going Strong

Well you 'll be glad to hear that the neglect of my blog lately doesn't indicate a neglect of my training. I've been hard at it as usual, just haven't made time to update the blog. So, where was I...? Ok last you heard was on Friday when I was suffering from a bad case of half-arsed-itis re. my weights. Saturday morning I was up bright and early for a full run through which went ok - not fantastic, but not crap either. Both runs went well (keeping under 21 for the first) but the cycle was less than average, I seem to be getting slower and slower. This is not too surprising I guess as I hadn't had a day off training before it and the two rev classes had undoubtedly contributed to tired-leg syndrom. So I resolved not to worry about it, I'm sure it will be better on the day (though I have no idea what this possible misplaced confidence is based on!).
Sunday then finally was my day off from training, a real rest day which also saw the return of the mightyP from down South, so a good day all round.
Monday it was back to the weights, and also feeling like I've been neglecting the running lately I again did a fast 20 min. treadmill run as the warm up and then had a good hard weights session. The Monday after a rest day always goes well!
Yesterday it was back to the rev. class. It was the same guy who took the lunchtime class last week and if anything it was even tougher - boy was it a hard class, it was great! To make matters worse I'd forgotton my hat, so consequently had sweat running down my face throughout it -mmm nice mental image there for you! As I'd done lunges with weights on Monday my butt was already sore so you can imagine how sore it was after the class!!
Today I took advantage of mightyP being back and cycled into Uni for the first time in weeks. It was absolutely freezing - well ok 6 degrees, but that's way too cold for me! Despite my new long sleeved thermal training top (which came back from the South Island trip for me) which is warm and lovely, I was still cold all the way in and it wasn't the most enjoyable of trips. I think I'm just about ready to switch to cycling home instead now that really cold mornings have set in (and the clocks go back this weekend so it's only going to get worse).
Anyway all I did once I arrived was have a nice hot shower, so I'll save my weights until I get home this evening.


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