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Monday, March 27, 2006

Lazy Blogging

Horrified to find when I went to update the blog this morning that I hadn't added anything since last Monday - ooops how slack! So here is a quick update of the past 7 days training.
Tues - rev class, still really enjoying these with the Tues lunchtime instructor, a good work out but doesn't kill me
Weds - weights session. Did a short run to start and then weights, including lots of abs. I must have got up earlier than planned as I still had time left so decided to do some work on one of the punchbags at the gym - warning to all, weights gloves are not protective like training boxing gloves - in almost no time at all I had bruised knuckles and on removing my gloves found I'd taken a fair bit of skin off them too - ouch! I was just working through some old kicking and punching routines dredged up from my old karate training memories (haven't done any for 10 years!). Will need proper gloves if I want to continue with punchbag stuff (it is good fun actually and a nice way to finish a work out).
Thurs - Got up planning to do a 10km cycle followed by 1.5km run (ie second half of duathlon), dithered about a bit and almost talked myself out of it, but then talked myself back into it again and off I went! The cycle went really well and felt really fast (more on the timing in a mo..). When I started the run I realised I'd run out of laps on my stopwatch (had reached maximum) so had to switch back to normal timer and time from there - I guess I could be out by 5 to 10 seconds but it was still a good time either way. Once I'd finished and had a shower to recover I went to check my cycle time, but forgetting that I'd filled up my lap-time I pressed the wrong button and reset the whole lot - dammit! So no idea how long it took, but I'll stand by my opinion that it felt fast so probably was :-)
Friday - Was thinking about doing some weights, but with a full weekend of hockey ahead decided a day off would be a better option.
Saturday - First day of the hockey season. My team played in the afternoon - it was a really hard game for the start of the season and I ran my legs off! We were missing our coach (who plays too) who is overseas for 3 weeks, and as she's a really gutsy hardworking player I was trying to motivate the team by taking on the role in her absence. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and played well but was completely stuffed afterwords! Luckily I had the sense to have a jog to warm down afterwards. On Sunday I played hockey again, filling in for one of our other teams as they have some players missing for a couple of weeks too. Luckily I was playing a different position, so much less running involved. Another good game though - bizarrely all this duathlon training seems to have caused a major improvement in my hockey!! I guess it's just about being fitter so able to react quicker, plus a really good tip from the MightyP about positioning which proved invaluable on Saturday.
So here we are back to Monday again. Despite being tired physically this morning I managed a decent 25 min treadmill run as warm up for my weights session. Just got my abs. still to do sometime later today.
Less than a week to go now - after the horrendous stormy weather yesterday and wet forecast until at least midweek I am just hoping it's got it all out of it's system by Sunday. Also hope that my hockey game is not scheduled for Saturday again this week as I was planning to do nothing from Weds on so that I could rest prior to the duathlon - a hard game on Sat. would not be a good idea - plus I'd be worried about getting injured ... ah well will have to wait until the draw comes out. Still stressing about getting a puncture, every time I go out on the bike I cross my fingers and hope I get a puncture as then I will have had one before the duathlon so won't feel like one is due ... how crazy is that!


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