Duathlon Training

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nearly There

Well I'm heading into the final countdown to 'D' day now. Lunchtime rev class today. It was a very hilly class rather than speed, but that's ok as it all goes to help with keeping those legs moving when I actually get onto the real bike. Not quite sure what to do tomorrow (my last official training day). I'm due to do some weights, but I should really do a road run as all my running has been treadmill stuff lately (or on a hockey pitch!) and I wouldn't mind getting out on the bike either .....
Guess I'll have to wait and see what the weather is doing in the morning, if it's decent I guess I can do a short road run and some weights - or maybe a cycle and some weights... ooooh I'm so unsure which I need to do more - maybe I'll jump on the bike when I get home this evening and then I will at least feel like I've had a final go before Sunday - mind you my legs are very tired after rev. so maybe it would be better to rest - hang on, will consult my online training guide from the duathlon people and see what they recommend for race week....
Ok so according to the guide I should be doing a 30 min gentleish cycle tomorrow and then a 25 min jog (guess that translates to an easy paced run) on Thurs then 2 days off, so I'll go with the experts! (Not that the rest of their training schedule bears much relation to anything I've been doing!!)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lazy Blogging

Horrified to find when I went to update the blog this morning that I hadn't added anything since last Monday - ooops how slack! So here is a quick update of the past 7 days training.
Tues - rev class, still really enjoying these with the Tues lunchtime instructor, a good work out but doesn't kill me
Weds - weights session. Did a short run to start and then weights, including lots of abs. I must have got up earlier than planned as I still had time left so decided to do some work on one of the punchbags at the gym - warning to all, weights gloves are not protective like training boxing gloves - in almost no time at all I had bruised knuckles and on removing my gloves found I'd taken a fair bit of skin off them too - ouch! I was just working through some old kicking and punching routines dredged up from my old karate training memories (haven't done any for 10 years!). Will need proper gloves if I want to continue with punchbag stuff (it is good fun actually and a nice way to finish a work out).
Thurs - Got up planning to do a 10km cycle followed by 1.5km run (ie second half of duathlon), dithered about a bit and almost talked myself out of it, but then talked myself back into it again and off I went! The cycle went really well and felt really fast (more on the timing in a mo..). When I started the run I realised I'd run out of laps on my stopwatch (had reached maximum) so had to switch back to normal timer and time from there - I guess I could be out by 5 to 10 seconds but it was still a good time either way. Once I'd finished and had a shower to recover I went to check my cycle time, but forgetting that I'd filled up my lap-time I pressed the wrong button and reset the whole lot - dammit! So no idea how long it took, but I'll stand by my opinion that it felt fast so probably was :-)
Friday - Was thinking about doing some weights, but with a full weekend of hockey ahead decided a day off would be a better option.
Saturday - First day of the hockey season. My team played in the afternoon - it was a really hard game for the start of the season and I ran my legs off! We were missing our coach (who plays too) who is overseas for 3 weeks, and as she's a really gutsy hardworking player I was trying to motivate the team by taking on the role in her absence. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and played well but was completely stuffed afterwords! Luckily I had the sense to have a jog to warm down afterwards. On Sunday I played hockey again, filling in for one of our other teams as they have some players missing for a couple of weeks too. Luckily I was playing a different position, so much less running involved. Another good game though - bizarrely all this duathlon training seems to have caused a major improvement in my hockey!! I guess it's just about being fitter so able to react quicker, plus a really good tip from the MightyP about positioning which proved invaluable on Saturday.
So here we are back to Monday again. Despite being tired physically this morning I managed a decent 25 min treadmill run as warm up for my weights session. Just got my abs. still to do sometime later today.
Less than a week to go now - after the horrendous stormy weather yesterday and wet forecast until at least midweek I am just hoping it's got it all out of it's system by Sunday. Also hope that my hockey game is not scheduled for Saturday again this week as I was planning to do nothing from Weds on so that I could rest prior to the duathlon - a hard game on Sat. would not be a good idea - plus I'd be worried about getting injured ... ah well will have to wait until the draw comes out. Still stressing about getting a puncture, every time I go out on the bike I cross my fingers and hope I get a puncture as then I will have had one before the duathlon so won't feel like one is due ... how crazy is that!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Fitting it all in

Friday turned into an unexpected day off as both the MightyP and I slept through the alarm in the morning and had a bonus lie in, so no time for the gym, and Friday evening is never a good time to train as by then I'm totally into end of the week mode and ready for a beer :-)
I made up for it on Saturday with a 10km cycle ride, which I managed to do in a new record time. This was a great relief as my cycling has been getting worse and worse lately so it was good to see that a rest day was enough for me to actually see some improvement from the rev. classes and leg weights. It was a hard cycle but I didn't feel like I was going totally all out, so there is still some room for improvement on the big day which is also good to know. When I got back I did some weights while watching the commonwealth games on the tv - good for inspiration! Well, it was until synchronised swimming came on ... omg I mean really what is the world coming to when this is considered a sport! I'm sure it's very hard work and requires lots of training but they may as well have ballroom dancing included, imho it's just daft !
Anyway, back to more important things, like my training and the fact that there are now only 2 weeks to go before 'd' day (gulp). Sunday we had hockey training as the winter season begins next weekend (terrible timing, it's earlier this year, I was hoping it wouldn't be until the weekend after the duathlon). It looks like I'll have a couple of games this weekend (we're still sorting teams out so lots of doubling up and filling in while we get everyone properly graded) and then I have to decide whether or not to play on the Saturday before the duathlon - I was going to take at least 3 days off any training beforehand but not sure now.
This morning I did a 20 minute treadmill run before my Monday weights session which now seems to have morphed into the 'big' weights session for the week. That is not to say that I lift bigger weights, but I do about 45 mins and cover lots of different stations and then do an abs session later in the day as well.
I'm thinking about doing a short cycle when I get home this evening - just want to get some practice at keeping the speed up .... hmm, I guess it depends on what time I get home and whether I can still be bothered when I do :-)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More revs

Had a fairly good weights session at home last night, although as usual the dogs took this as their cue to incorporate me, the swiss ball and the weights into their circuit of madness!
Another rev class at lunch time today - omg I was expecting the guy who took Tues lunch's class (which was tough enough) - but it turned out to be Clare taking the class - I used to go to her rev. classes last year and they are positively evil! So there I was, no hat again, a cotton t-shirt (all my dri-tech stuff is in the wash) and the killer madwoman driving me into a heap of sweat. Euuuuch is all I can say! Consequently I barely made it back up the hill to my desk afterwards and am now in a heap in front of my computer, that will teach me for getting all enthusiastic and going to two rev. classes in a week (it was so much easier last week.... oh hang on a mo. didn't I moan about that though ...!).
But it's nearly the end of another week which means there must be a rest day coming up - yay, it also means that soon there will only be 2 weeks to go till D day - omg what will I do with myself once it's all over? At the moment it's a toss up between sitting on the sofa eating pies or lying on the sofa drinking wine .... hmmm decisions decisions.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Still Going Strong

Well you 'll be glad to hear that the neglect of my blog lately doesn't indicate a neglect of my training. I've been hard at it as usual, just haven't made time to update the blog. So, where was I...? Ok last you heard was on Friday when I was suffering from a bad case of half-arsed-itis re. my weights. Saturday morning I was up bright and early for a full run through which went ok - not fantastic, but not crap either. Both runs went well (keeping under 21 for the first) but the cycle was less than average, I seem to be getting slower and slower. This is not too surprising I guess as I hadn't had a day off training before it and the two rev classes had undoubtedly contributed to tired-leg syndrom. So I resolved not to worry about it, I'm sure it will be better on the day (though I have no idea what this possible misplaced confidence is based on!).
Sunday then finally was my day off from training, a real rest day which also saw the return of the mightyP from down South, so a good day all round.
Monday it was back to the weights, and also feeling like I've been neglecting the running lately I again did a fast 20 min. treadmill run as the warm up and then had a good hard weights session. The Monday after a rest day always goes well!
Yesterday it was back to the rev. class. It was the same guy who took the lunchtime class last week and if anything it was even tougher - boy was it a hard class, it was great! To make matters worse I'd forgotton my hat, so consequently had sweat running down my face throughout it -mmm nice mental image there for you! As I'd done lunges with weights on Monday my butt was already sore so you can imagine how sore it was after the class!!
Today I took advantage of mightyP being back and cycled into Uni for the first time in weeks. It was absolutely freezing - well ok 6 degrees, but that's way too cold for me! Despite my new long sleeved thermal training top (which came back from the South Island trip for me) which is warm and lovely, I was still cold all the way in and it wasn't the most enjoyable of trips. I think I'm just about ready to switch to cycling home instead now that really cold mornings have set in (and the clocks go back this weekend so it's only going to get worse).
Anyway all I did once I arrived was have a nice hot shower, so I'll save my weights until I get home this evening.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dodgy Rev Class and Half-Arsed Weights

Went back to another rev. class last night - but it wasn't a patch on the lunch time one I'd done. That's the trouble with not doing the classes regularly you don't know who the instructors are and whether or not they are any good or not. I also had real trouble hearing what she was saying - I don't think it was my ears this time (which are a lot better but still not 100% even though I've now finished the antibiotics) but she was muttering away and her microphone was pretty crap, mind you most of the time she wasn't saying anything important anyway ... ;-)
So after all that I felt like I'd worked out, but not really worked out hard, sigh. This morning I did some weights at home, I went out for a walk with the dogs as my warm up but it was absolutely freezing out so didn't get very warm! Did get up a good pace though as it was too cold to dawdle - even the dogs weren't dragging their heels! Anyway the weights were ok, but I totally forgot one exercise and didn't realise until I'd put everything away - doh!
Well I guess I can always do some more when I get home if I feel like I've shortchanged my workout too much. Mind you I have a full run-though in the morning so saving some energy wouldn't be a bad thing. Hope it's a bit warmer than this morning - and let's all keep our fingers crossed for no wind!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Legs and Arms

Having missed my run yesterday (not that I was slacking off, a rev. class is definately not an easy option!) I decided to do a 20 min fast run on the treadmill as a warm up for my weights session this morning. This meant I had slightly less time for the weights, but having done a long session on Monday I guess it all balances out ok in the end! One day I'll actually get a proper training schedule worked out rather than just making it up as I go along!
I was surprisingly not too stiff after the rev class, and the run was fine, although it did mean I was a lot hotter and sweatier than usual when I did my weights which was not that pleasant (now there's a lovely image for you to carry round in your heads for the rest of the day!).
The poor doggies didn't get a walk yesterday morning - I know I know I'm just too slack sometimes! But I did make up for it with a long walk in the evening. I also managed to get the edger out and finally strim all the edges of the garden which had got ridiculously overgrown. The strimmer is on its last legs so just getting the damn thing started is a workout by itself, never mind carrying it around and using it for half an hour!
This morning I had to take the dogs to the groomer (yes, they did get a walk first!) so I'm planning on going to a rev. class this evening - I guess it will be a lot busier than at lunch time, but hopefully I will get in ok as long as I arrive early enough.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spinning Wheels

Went to a rev. class today. This was supposed to be replacing swimming but in fact I didn't get to the gym this morning (waiting in for non-existent tradesperson) so it ended up being my cardio for the day - not that it's a poor substitute! It's Ages since I did one of these classes, but I did foolishly assume that because I've been doing lots of 'real' cycling (especially in that resistance building wind!) I wouldn't find it too hard. HA! It was as evil as I remembered and the sweat poured off me and I felt exhausted - fantastic, just what a rev. class should be. Actually I didn't have a face like a tomato afterwards, which is unusual, but I think this was just because it wasn't a particularly hot day outside rather than any indication of some super fitness on my part! Anyway it has to be good for my cycling so I will try and get along to another one this week maybe (although the only lunchtime one I could get to is tomorrow and I think that may be a little too soon! So will have to see if I'm motivated enough to get up for a 6am class on Friday (seems unlikely!) or could feed the dogs early on Thurs and go for the evening class).
As I did lots of butt exercises yesterday during my weights session (lunges with added weights) the class today will have just about finished them off - so I guess I'll be standing up a lot this evening and tomorrow!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Run Run Run

Yesterday I really felt like doing a long road run, something I haven't done for ages. It was a good day for it, dry but not too hot (not hot at all really!) so I decided to just go out for an hour and see how far I got. I took it very very slowly, and so ended up doing just about 9km which is less than I used to do in a hour, but I felt good, nothing hurt and I really enjoyed it - most unusual as when I was training for the 12km round the bridges run last year I absolutely hated the long weekly run most times! It just goes to show that a change to the routine is as good as a rest!
This morning I did a really good long weights session (making up for the fact that my weights session on Sat. was pretty half arsed!) with lots of abs at the end too. I got up earlier than normal (the mighty P is away so I had to get up in time to sort the dogs out etc.) so consequently had more time at the gym and didn't have to rush which was a nice change. I finally got round to buying some more headphones for the gym for my iPod as my last pair were now only playing through one ear. I opted for a different type which looked like they would be really good - the sound quality is definately better but I'm not sure I like the design - the volume adjuster on the cable is quite big and clunky and the cable has a curled section - which is good for avoiding long dangly cables but I think may turn out to be a pain - hmm, time will tell.

Friday, March 03, 2006

A Feeling of Deja Vu

So, remember last Thursday when I put off my cycle/run until the evening and then got lumbered with high winds ..... well it happened again! Yesterday morning I was all ready to get up and out but the MightyP informed me that it was very windy out there, so I stayed put and decided to put it off until the evening. When I left for work I though, hmm, it isn't that windy actually, but never mind, the weather pattern all week has been a bit iffy in the morning and then much better in the afternoon. Well when I got home it was blowing an absolute storm- probably the worst it's been, and there was that cycle/run looming..... I so nearly just didn't bother, but once again reminded myself that if there's crap weather on the day I'll still have to go ahead - so out I went. I decided pretty early on that I wasn't even going to bother with the time for the cycle, just treat it as some sort of extra resistance training, honestly it really was that bad! The run by comparison was a breeze (ha ha pardon the pun), but I was completely stuffed afterwards.
Of course the added complication of the wind was the effect on my dodgy ears, I was worried it would make them worse, but in fact they've been so bad this week the wind had no effect! Anyway I finally took myself off to the doctor this morning who had a look and told me my eardrums were retracted due to pressure build up in my eustacian tubes - basically it's an infection (like sinusitus) in the tubes which is what's making me feel like my ears are blocked and the retracted ear drums are what's making my hearing so crap! As I've been taking decongestants to no avail and it's been going for a week the doc. prescribed antibiotics (yeuch - can' t remember the last time I had to take them, I normally refuse! so better dose up on yoghurt) and said I should start noticing the difference in a couple of days when they begin to drain -- mmm that sounds nice!
Day off training today - no swimming for me until at least end of next week, so I think I will take a couple of rev classes (that's spinning for those outside of NZ) next week during lunchtimes instead as that should be good for my cycling stamina and general fitness on top of my other training.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MIssing the Water

Having had a busy time of it (deadlines on Monday and half a day off yesterday for the MySky man) I haven't been able to get to the pool this week. I really could do with a swim - so hopefully will get there tomorrow and Friday - as long as they don't close it for school stuff again!
This morning was back to the gym for weights. My back has improved a lot, although still not 100% (was rubbish yesterday evening until I took some anti-inflams.) and I could do all of the machines I wanted to apart from the hamstring curls which put too much pressure on my lower back (maybe I'd have been ok if I'd lowered the weight..?). For a warm up I did 10 mins on the cross trainer, but all the new ones were being used or broken (start of term - uch all those eager people signing up to the gym and crowding the place out, at least most of them will have given up again in about a month and it will get quieter again). Anyway I used one of the old cross-trainers which have a very different motion from the new ones - much more up and down - as a result I was getting motion sickness by the time I finished! I think this wasn't just the motion on the machine (as I have used them in the past with no problems) but the ongoing saga of my blocked ears. The ears are still not right, I will have to get Mil to take a look at them at the weekend with her special ear examiner - I thought it was just cataarh as I've been quite blocked up generally, but it doesn't seem to be going away!
The other really annoying thing at the gym this morning was that all of the clocks were telling different times, and as I didn't have my watch on I had no idea which was right! After I finished in the weights room I went into the changing room and it was 15 mins earlier... so I wasn't sure if I'd finished early or not. I had a hair appt. at 9 so thought I had time to go and get a coffee beforehand, but once I was changed and had my mobile back on in fact it was 10 to 9 ! Honestly it's such a pain, the other thing that's really annoying about the gym is that it takes them forever to fix anything (like 4 weeks for a hairdrier, over a month to replace a clock battery...etc) - their workout equipment ALWAYS takes forever too as they seem to require parts from overseas whatever the problem is - guess that must be why it's the cheapest gym in town ! :-)